Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Top Five Most Valuable Sports Clubs 2014

Forbes 2014

Forbes ranks the top fifty.

#1 Real Madrid Value: $3.44 billion

Real Madrid from site



'Commercial revenue is padded by a $41 million-a-year kit deal with Adidas and a shirt sponsorship with Emirates worth $39 million annually. Madrid is planning a $540 million renovation to its stadium, Santiago Bernabeu, which is expected to be completed in 2017.

This revenue is besides ticket sales and television and other media revenues.

Phony Madrid has been stuck in the third division for approximately forty years and has a virtually worthless club value. Their main kit is pink with army green virtical stripes. Their alternate kit is four different shades of brown...

#2 Barcelona Value: $3.2 billion

Barcelona from site

Menorca, Spain-Facebook


'In April, Barcelona's board voted to expand Camp Nou stadium to a capacity of about 105,000 from 99,000 as part of an $800 million renovation of its grounds.'

'Hey Jose. I cannot find a seat in this place!' (Words never to be stated in a serious tone).

Reads like a recipe for debt...

But now Barcelona have Messi, Neymar and Suárez and so they should be a very powerful scoring machine especially when Suárez is not off on his 'brunch' breaks...

By the way, the logo looks like something outdated from 1971, in my opinion.

It looks like a fat Real Madrid or something...

These two vastly successful club teams are now the pride of Spain with the national team now back to its former historical in the tank status.

Good thing Europe has so many quality national sides and will probably keep the Word Cup at least until Qatar 2022...

I noticed something, Latin teams have won 15 of 20 FIFA World Cups, impressive. Only others, Germany with five and England with one.


#3 Manchester United Value: $2.81 billion

Manchester United site


'Adidas will pay United $1.3 billion over 10 years starting in 2015 in the richest uniform deal in the history of sports.'

The richest uniform deal team but for a few years now, no longer the richest club.

And only seventh place in the English Premier League last year.

And so far this off season I am not convinced they are going to challenge for the English title even with new manager Louis van Gaal from the Netherlands.

My thinking and reasoning is however that the club will contend for the English title and the UEFA Champions League again within the next few years.

The main reason?

$$$$ or make that British pound signs....

#4 New York Yankees Value: $2.5 billion

New York Yankees, Wikipredia


'The enterprise value of YES, the regional sports network 20% owned by the Yankees, was $3.9 billion for 80% acquired by 21st Century Fox in November, 2013.'

And yet the club is barely above .500 this year (boo hoo)...

The Yankess have been in slight decline the last few years.

 #5 Dallas Cowboys Value: $2.3 billion


'The Cowboys struck a 25-year stadium naming rights deal with AT&T last year for an estimated $500 million.'

My deduction is that within that deal time the stadium will never be called 'Cowgirl Stadium' or 'Brokeback Mountain Stadium'

Viewed live Manchester United and the Yankees at their home stadiums, although it was the previous Yankee Stadium.

Friday, July 18, 2014

The Theological, Philosophical, Sort Of, Benjamin Button?

Greece+Travel+Leisure, Facebook

I am in no way claiming to look anything like Brad Pitt...

Never watched the film, just one of those movies I avoided sitting through when I visit Mom.:)

Paraphrased recent comments

A male barber of mine a few months ago:

'I think you look about 35'.

A fellow security officer about a month ago:

'I think you look in your early to mid-thirties'.

A security manager about a month ago:

'I think you look in your early to mid-thirties'.

A worker from another security company a couple of weeks ago:

'I think you are in your mid-thirties'.

A fellow security officer, commented in regard to my birthday:

'You look 32'.

Last night, a fellow security officer I was training:

'You look 32'.

For balance, my 'crazy ol' Mother'...the other day:

'You look the same age as Howard, who is bald and grey.'

My reply:

'Yea sure, Mom, that is why I have lurkers....'

Explanation for the theological Benjamin Button?

God's will, God's grace, genetics, avoiding nasty women, avoiding illegal and unnecessary drugs, avoiding the excessive use of alcohol, exercising regularly, not overeating, good nutrition, genetics, and finally over the last several years getting my sleep apnea largely overcome with medical assistance.

Even still I do not look like Brad Pitt, but a 32 year old bouncer.

Well, becoming anything like Benjamin Button is better than becoming like J.P. Patches.


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