Monday, October 20, 2014

Bots and Tats


I am writing in a different part of the complex as my laptop is in computer ER in order to repair the DVD/CD Drive. I am therefore downstairs on a slightly older computer with less resources at hand.

It is also as dark as a dungeon in here (the cover for any technical mistakes).

Recent 'Redmond, Washington' blog pageviews appearing on Stats Counter with further information now explain the frequent Revolver application 'Redmond, Washington' US flag as a MSN bot.

This makes sense, but should be eliminated by web programs, in my opinion as visible and traceable for the sake of those with sites.

Especially those with web businesses, even more so than career bloggers like me, as in my blogs are associated with my academic career.

'Mountain View, California' pageviews are from Google and are sometimes a Google bot and are sometimes connected to Google Web Preview and various ISPs.

Therefore, pageviews from Google may still be from an actual flesh and blood human entity, but with the less than personal nature of these views whether they are from a human source or a bot, is there much practical difference?

If Microsoft and Google want to boost my pageview numbers with bots, that is in their power.

Even so, I have estimated compared to my actually Blogger statistics, Stats Counter, Site Meter, Revolver and Hi Stats still likely only count 25%-40% of my pageviews.

Are the rest bots or human?

Are you perhaps a bot and not aware?

On Revolver there are still US flags that are not necessarily explained and could connect to an ISP and sometimes may. From my reading with many American Internet Service Providers, US States are not listed as accurate but are only estimates.

I can understand how someone running a business online would find it difficult determining market regions, as I have read.

My attempt at a pinched nerve assist. This at Alex Hintz' 16th birthday. Thank you wonderful friends and hosts, the Hintz.

The cat is in the bag. I had an interesting philosophical discussion with Anjela and others in regard to tattoos. The church I am attending is not taking from what I can reason is a fundamentalist position, although host and Menno-Deaaan raised that position as perhaps Biblical. Not my position, but my objections are aesthetic and economic as in, for example, covering one's body from the neck up in tats and making it very difficult to find employment. But, I also raised the view that tattoos generally look better on non-flabby skin and therefore thin-fit people. I myself am fit but not thin, but quite muscular and not buff. Therefore, another reason for me to abstain, besides total and complete non-interest. I do admit some tattoos feature interesting art.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Football Drone?


Daily Mail: October 14


'Serbia says UEFA should award THEM 3-0 win after match against 'terrorist' Albania abandoned after drone used to fly flag over the pitch leads to violent scenes (and arrest of PM's brother) UEFA banned away fans from attending the Serbia vs Albania clash at the Partizan Stadium in Belgrade

There are long-running political tensions between the two countries over the Kosovo region

A drone carrying the Albanian flag was flown above the pitch late in the first half

The flag showed a map of Kosovo and the message 'autochthonous' (indigenous)

Serbia's Stefan Mitrovic pulled the flag down and was confronted by Albanian players Brother of Albanian PM arrested in VIP Box for allegedly instigating stunt Police surrounded the field in a four-deep cordon as English referee

Martin Atkinson led the players off

But some fans were able to storm the field, one throwing a chair at Albanian players

The match was abandoned after half-an-hour delay

Aleksandar Kolarov helped the opposition from the pitch as fans threw objects at them UEFA say they will now investigate the incident'


'Olsi Rama, the brother of Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama, was arrested in the VIP box for allegedly instigating the stunt, confirmed CNN.

He was arrested on suspicion that he masterminded and executed the incident in which a flag with a map of greater Albania was flown over the pitch and the terraces, after which the match between Serbia and Albania was abandoned,' Serbian state television said on its official website (

UEFA have also launched an inquiry into the violence.

Serbia refuse to recognise Kosovo as an independent nation - an issue that is hotly disputed by Albanians who dominate the population.

English referee Martin Atkinson interrupted the match in the 41st minute after Mitrovic grabbed the flag and Albania's players tried to protect it. Several Serbian fans invaded the pitch and clashed with Albanian players.'

Daily Mail
Daily Mail

A key problem in this situation, observing from a far and having not viewed the match on television or the web (why would I watch non-Euro or World Cup contenders Serbia and Albania?) is that the players becoming involved made the situation far worse.

In my view, to maintain law and order (Romans 13) the reasonable and common sense approach would have been for the players, both from Serbia or Albania, having seen the drone, to leave the incident for UEFA or FIFA officials to deal with, and/or for Serbian  police and security authorities to deal with the incident.

For players to become involved with their clearly marked uniforms, indicating sides, was to spark potential violent behavior and rioting from the primarily pro-Serbian crowd and from whatever away Albania supporters were present.

This was foolishness in approach from the players that did not stand back and let the authorities take care of the 'football drone', and even worse behaviour from the violent, rioting spectators.

Philosophically and psychologically, I state this is largely by the spectators involved an excuse to be violent, appealing to sinful nature (Romans 1-3) and the anger and frustrations of life which could include long held political ones, which may not even largely effect those individual persons today.

As I noted on Facebook

'Certain people, in my opinion, use these events as excuses to possibly be violent.'

Football shenanigans strikes again...