Saturday, August 23, 2014

Belgium, Seriously?

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Is Belgium seriously among the European football elite?

CIA Belgium

Population: 10,449,361 (July 2014 est.)

Population growth rate: 0.05% (2014 est.)

Birth rate: 9.99 births/1,000 population (2014 est.)

Death rate: 10.76 deaths/1,000 population (2014 est.)

Net migration rate: 1.22 migrant(s)/1,000 population (2014 est.)

Present FIFA World Rankings

1. Germany 2. Argentina 3. Netherlands 4. Columbia 5. Belgium

I do not bet but find the analysis gained intellectually interesting.

Favourites to win UEFA EURO 2016

1. Germany 2. Spain 3. France 4. Netherlands 5. Belgium 6. Italy

William Hill

1. Germany 2. France 3. Spain 4. Belgium 5.Netherlands 6. Italy


July 6, 2014


'Out but not down! Why Belgium could be real contenders for Euro 2016'

'The team labelled as the ‘dark horse’ for the World Cup finally met their match after an eighth minute goal from Arsenal transfer target Gonzola Higuain was enough for Argentina to secure a place in the semi-finals.'

'Despite looking the more likely to score, Belgium lacked the clinical edge to equalise in the 82 minutes that remained. More conspicuous was the lack of contribution from young stars such as Divock Origi, Eden Hazard and Kevin De Bruyne. For some its hard to imagine a young team like Belgium progressing so far in the tournament without having made an appearance in a major competition since 2002. Subsequently Belgium were treated with the harsh reality that their team and players needs more experience.'

'So Belgium is clearly a team in transition and by getting to the quarter-finals and pushing one of the tournament favourites to the edge, they leave the tournament after a successful campaign and its something that they can build on for the future. Having progressed further than Spain, Italy and England suggests that this team will soon be considered amongst one of the toughest in Europe – thereby showing real promise for Belgium to win Euro 2016.'

Give Me Sport

Eleven month ago


'Brazil 2014, however, could act as a dress rehearsal for Euro 2016 – don’t be surprised if Belgium are being touted as serious contenders in three years’ time.'

'For a nation populated by just 11 million to produce such a high amount of top players in such a short period of time, the national coaching must be doing something right. Definitely one to watch at Brazil 2014, and if you fancy a cheeky flutter on an outsider for the European Championships in 2016, look no further than Belgium.'

Belgium scores versus USA, World Cup 2014-CNN

I will admit right from the start as a sometimes skeptical philosopher, I am wondering if this historically will end up as another example of over-hype. 

Portugal was hyped in a similar way for several years a few years ago. 

Considering Belgium's relatively moderate population compared to most world football powers, as even the Netherlands has over 16 million as population according to the CIA website; population and population growth are not seemingly major positives for Belgium.

Belgium has never won either major tournament, the FIFA World Cup or the UEFA European Championships for which it can qualify. It did finish fourth in the 1986 FIFA World Cup.

On the other hand, not being a football expert, I must acknowledge the commentators when they opine on the positives of Belgium in the present and future as a club. 

It should also be pointed out that Belgium's neighbours Germany (3), France (2) and Netherlands (1) have all won the UEFA European Championship and Germany (4) and France (1) the FIFA World Cup with the Netherlands losing the final three times. Even with only moderate size population, Belgium is in basically in broad terms, in the world centre of football in their part of Western Europe. It would be reasonable to develop into a football elite from that perspective.

Looking at this information as a non-football expert, but educated observer, I reason Belgium will probably begin to challenge the elite national sides of Europe.

But will not win a European Championship or FIFA World Cup.

However it would be rather interesting to see if they did because it is extremely difficult for any nation to break into the winners category, consistently, especially.

Colombia is ranked fourth in the FIFA rankings and although they could not defeat Brasil, ranked seventh, in the recent World Cup, they might be the best hope for a rising national team from South America.

The Peoples Cube

Note: Uncle Chuck lived in Belgium... 

Pope Chuckles plays goalkeeper here in East Maple Ridge football with ball hockey nets. His alternate goalkeeper is a garbage can with a lid...

I think we play tonight again. 

For someone that never played organized football/soccer my shot is getting pretty hard and more accurate.  I am beginning to scare people. I was pretty mediocre when we started a few years ago.

Pace is still not my best quality.

Perhaps martial arts and ball hockey muscle is finally transferring to football muscle in regard to the shot?

I could however, play well at goalkeeper from the start. Of course it helps that I am pretty large and muscular and that we play in ball hockey nets.


What a wood smell...

Friday, August 22, 2014

Brief On A Professional Wage

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I am not interested in entering into a minimum wage discussion. I have not done enough research into the pros and cons and there are complex issues in each separate economy of how much exactly a minimum wage should be.

I am clearly, based on educational background not an economist. I am a theologian/philosopher of religion.

Minimum wage  is not a specific issue for me, thankfully, as I work in corporate security, and also have expenses covered from homecaring.

Basically I have two sources of income. I am now presently covering my student loans and monthly banking some savings.

Working at a large corporate site and thinking about some of the employment on site that is in a low paying job environment, I reason this will tend to promote in many cases a lack of professionalism by employees in particular.

An attitude will exist in some employees that he/she will not be with the employer in the long term and therefore he/she is not very committed with time and effort to the employer.

I do not agree with a these views, as in any lack of good work ethic, but acknowledge it as reality in some cases.

Let us consider that fast food restaurants are a classic example.

It can often be observed how dirty fast food restaurants are in comparison to fine dining or even family restaurants.

Perhaps a difference in cleanliness is largely based on the professionalism of the employees?

Yes, management is responsible as well. Not instilling professional standards.

I think employers, more specifically major corporations and companies, that simply use 'market value' or 'market demand' arguments for paying wages are often making a mistake.

Lower wages tend to bring in less skilled workers as well.

There are those employees such as myself with a Christian work ethic that will always do their best, and I am always looking to upgrade my CV and Resume, whether I work in the security/justice field or in theology/philosophy.

But, not all workers are self-motivated in reality.


I am philosophically deducing that a working person's wage, a wage that is viewed in a culture as one within a profession, rather than as a low paying job, will often, along with proper training and a professional environment produce better work standards than will simply a wage supposedly based on the market.

It is often better to pay significantly higher wages and instill professionalism into a job, instilling a career mentality than to rely on market value.

This will tend to bring in higher skilled workers.

I realize small businesses in many cases may not be able to pay professional wages to employees.


'Interesting' logos In light of the Washington Redskins logo and name controversy Rednecks-But they are not really a southern team... Fredskins- With the name 'Fred' and how outdated the Flintstones are, would this logo not be as outdated as the Redskins?

Further web developments in regard to logos does have its moments of action. A sport can be interesting during slower strategic moments, but that does take more devotion and attention from the spectator. is very much like when Bobby Buff and Cousin Buff meet anywhere in the Lower Mainland, but almost always Maple Ridge or Mission to fit into B. Buff's celebrity schedule. He has his concert appearances you know...