Saturday, April 25, 2015

Most Valuable Sports Clubs 2014 From Forbes: Audio Etcetera

1. Real (Not Phony) Madrid from Wikipedia 3.44 Billion value

 2. Barcelona from Wikipedia 3.2 Billion value (Fat Real Madrd logo?)
3. Manchester United 2.81 Billion value
7. Bayern Munich 1.85 Billion value
16. Arsenal 1.331 Billion value

Forbes 2014

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

NHL Canadian Team Values 2014 From Forbes


I am not a fan of how the League is run and operated and I have opined that I view it as too focused on non-traditional hockey markets in the United States, while ignoring other potential markets in Canada and the United States that would have higher team values and have more avid hockey fans.

I have opined that it demonstrates a philosophical religious like irrationality toward an ideal.

The League does appear in better financial condition in comparison to recent years, likely largely based on the new Canadian television agreement with Rogers and the Canadian clubs seem financially in good condition.

I cannot think of another major sport that focuses so much on placing clubs in markets where the sport is only moderately popular while ignoring some markets where it is very or most popular.

European football, somewhat because of my distaste for hockey, but not entirely, has become my favourite sport the last twenty years and although it has its major problems with large clubs and small clubs and competitive balance, at least generally understands the concept of placing a club in a football market as intellectual priority.

NHL Team Value 2014 Forbes

Five Thirty Eight

Toronto Maple Leafs-Wikipedia: Current Value 1.3 Billion and 1st overall in League
And yet the Leafs miss the playoffs in 2015 once again and still no Stanley Cup since 1967. Is there a secret corporate Stanley Cup awarded every year that they often win for being the most valuable franchise? Just wondering...
To make matters worse, the Leafs and the League seem negative on attempts by business groups to put another team into the Greater Toronto Area or Southern Ontario, other than Ottawa which is in reality in Eastern Ontario. So, the Leafs are a corporate monopoly worth over a billion dollars. How Canadian. That is the kind of dynasty the Toronto Maple Leafs are, a corporate one.

Montreal Canadiens-Wikipedia: Current Value 1.0 Billion and 3rd overall in League
One of the two original existing franchises along with Toronto, but since expansion in 1967, much more successful on the ice than Toronto. In comparison to the Leafs they seem, based on results, more committed to winning on the ice and not just off it. However, it is just not the same since the Quebec Nordiques left for Denver and all those brawls they used to have with Montreal, pure entertainment.
Vancouver Canucks-Wikipedia: Current Value 800 million and 5th overall in League
The Canucks are down 3-1 in their first round series to Calgary and at a value of 800 million dollars are quite simply a huge sports club now. However, if they do not start winning championships soon they risk the 'Toronto Maple Leafs West' tag... In other words a corporate hockey club that does not win the championship, but also look pretty in blue and white.
Edmonton Oilers-Wikipedia:Current Value 475 million and 12th overall in League
Here we see the large drop off in Canada from the top three to the rest in value. This is basically the drop from the cities with more than two million in metropolitan population to cities such as Calgary, Ottawa and Edmonton with over a million and Winnipeg under (and Quebec City). How well these smaller markets do financially demonstrates the high amount of hockey fans there are per capita in Canada, but also that these smaller markets must be well-run operations in regard to buildings and also be well-managed clubs. Quebec City and Winnipeg moved to the Excited States of Americana from the Socialist Paradise of Canada largely because they entered the NHL from the World Hockey Association (WHA) in outdated buildings. The Oilers have the first draft pick again, some guy named 'David 'McConnor' or 'David Bruce Banner' or something, anyway, their value is likely rising.
Calgary : Current Value 451 million and 13th in League
I am surprised the Oilers are ahead of them on this list, and I am surprised the Flames are ahead of the Canucks 3-1 in the playoff series, but I put little faith in the Canucks, as I have well-learned. The Flames were my team in the late 1980s after the Islanders dynasty. It would not mind it at all if they beat Montreal in the Stanley Cup Finals, but I doubt it will be this year. The rough stuff image does not hurt marketing wise, either.
Ottawa Senators-NHL: Current Value 400 million and 16th in League
I read online how this team is in the red and the least valuable in Canada. I have read that they are looking for a new arena in downtown Ottawa. I can understand why they would want to be downtown and closer to major business. But for the second year in a row they are ranked in the middle of the League with a metropolitan population of under two million people. The revenue is listed for the year at 117 million and the operating income at 22.5 million. I have read they do not have a good arena deal, but even still, this hardly reads that they are bad off. Outside of them moving to Southern Ontario I would not see a better market for them. Quite doubtful Seattle, Portland or Las Vegas
 would be more profitable, look at compatible American cities. Plus Ottawa have a new valuable regional television deal
Winnipeg Jets-NHL: Current Value 358 million and 20th in League
They made 3.3 million in profit which is far less than the Senators, but from what I read online I receive the impression the Jets are the larger club. Western Canadian propaganda. It looks to me that Ottawa even with the need for a new arena in a smaller market are one of the better franchises, while Winnipeg is a smaller market and still successful. Quebec City should be expected to do as well as Winnipeg, but as noted conditions need to be optimal as far as building and operations.
British Columbia-trekearth