Thursday, October 30, 2014

Scarf Attack: Only In Football?

Munich: Facebook

Talk Sport October 30


'Bayern Munich were about to beat Hamburg and then this happened...'

'With the referee on the verge of calling time, a Hamburg fan stormed onto the pitch and appeared to slap Bayern star Franck Ribery in the face with his scarf and then taunted the Frenchman before being set upon by stewards. It was an unsavory end to what had been another wonderful performance by the German champions.'

Video of incident on website if You Tube video is deleted...


More shenanigans from the world of football, and why does this international sport feature so much 'circus' entertainment?

Where is the increased security in this multi-billion dollar industry? Especially in Europe with UEFA where there the sport is the most economically powerful.

Talk Sport

Independent UK October 28


'Bill Cosby accused of sexual abuse for the second time'

I am not presenting an opinion on the legal case; in other words on guilt or innocence. I am dealing with the story theologically and philosophically.


'Barbara Bowman alleges that The Cosby Show actor sexually abused her when she was a teenager. She claims he used his position of power as a way of coercing and manipulating her as she set out to become an actress.

A spokesperson for Cosby could not be reached. Cosby has strongly denied previous accusations against him, which his attorney described as “preposterous” and “bizarre”. “I was drugged and raped by that man,” she tells MailOnline. “He is a monster. He came at me like a monster.'

One of the things taught to students where I completed my undergraduate degree was in regard to 'power position'. 

That being a person in authority in a power position can use that power to exert sexual pressure potentially and other pressures on a person in the submissive position. 

The College unfortunately had its own issue it had to deal with with a male professor soon removed.

Therefore, any kind of mentor-student relationship ethically and morally should be free of any force or coercion. 

Biblically, any kind of Christian relationship should be based in a strong Biblical love (John 15).


'She continued to allege that he finally threw her out of her home that he subsidised and she moved back home with her family in Denver.'

Cited Bowman was one of 13 victims called to take to the witness stand in 2006 when Andrea Constand claimed that Cosby had drugged and assaulted her in his Philadelphia mansion in 2004 - allegations firmly denied by his lawyers. In 2006, Cosby settled the case with Constand.

The terms of the settlement remain undisclosed.

Again, I make no claims of guilt or innocence.

Red flags however, are 13 victims and an out of court settlement required.

Further thoughts

In both academia and corporate security, my fields of work experience, there are ethical restrictions, unofficial often, prohibiting fraternization with those that one may hold a power position over.

Therefore, if there is a relationship it must be free of any kind of force or coercion.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Six Phony Days Of Darkness




'Internet Hoax: Nasa announcement of 6 days total darkness on December caused by solar storm' 

'According to the article by, NASA has confirmed that the world will be enveloped in total darkness during a week in December due to a solar storm. The fake Huzlers story states that a massive solar storm will “not cause major damage to anything.” This, of course, would not be true of a solar storm, which could potentially bring down the entire power grid. That story is the resurgence of an end of the world “3 days of darkness” rumor which was tied to the end of the Mayan calendar.'

Or one could check the NASA website and see no mention of such a monumental story in the immediate headlines.

And if this darkness story was true, certainly it would be documented universally from credible sources.


'This news stirred netizens in different directions that the article garnered tens of thousands of likes and comments.'

In a related story the world security industry takes a huge sigh of relieve that it will not have to potentially pay its security officers overtime rates or danger pay for having to work in total darkness for six days straight.  

Conditions of total darkness would be potentially more dangerous for security officers.

'Catastrophe' averted.


According to, the rumor has now taken many forms and the site intends to clear things. “No, the universe is not about to realign in December 2014, nor will there be a three-day blackout at that time during which the Earth will shift into a new dimension. Neither NASA nor any other credible scientific entity has made such a pronouncement. Ever,” “This item originated back in 2012, when interest in the belief that the Mayan calendar would end on 21 December 2012 (thus foretelling the end of the world as we know it) was running high, and it has simply been updated and recirculated with the year 2014 replacing the original references to 2012,” the site says.

Again, why would someone not simply check with the NASA site to see if this story was fact or fiction?

Or see fiction immediately...