Friday, July 03, 2015

Potential Fireworks?


Chuck via Facebook. Potential fireworks? Well, the Rush show is coming up again on July 17 providing Mennonite Chuck a reasonable and good opportunity to have himself placed behind bars. During the last show in 2013, Uncle Chuck refused to stay in his designated stadium seat because he was sitting beside a 'fat guy' and the computer genius decided that sitting in the stairs area would be the wise decision. Unfortunately, a tattooed man complained, security was alerted and soon Chuckles was seat relocated.  I was noting concert events by mobile in blog comments and Chuckles and I were teased, likely by a female observer (s) because of the events. Chuck could have simply moved further up the arena as there were plenty of empty seats and avoided all the hassle!
A man in China reportedly mistook his two pet bear cubs for two pet puppies...

I stated on Facebook

Samsung S4 just notified me that my alarms and ringer were on do not disturb to me. Imagine when computers really have artificial human-like intelligence.

Working on July 1, Canada Day, but invited out to July 4th fireworks, but viewed from the Canadian side(?)... Further

I have never viewed the American July 4th fireworks before, but will admit that viewing actual literal American fireworks, although safely from the Canadian side of the border, will be a relief from the near constant barrage of politicized Christianity related topics that arise from the Excited States of Americana. Not that things are near perfect here in the Socialist Paradise of Canada, just more quiet...

Saturday, June 27, 2015

False Satirical Story On Pastor...


Christian Post June 22 2015



'Cornerstone Church Denies Claim That Pastor John Hagee Said Women Who Use God's Name While Having Sex Should Be 'Thrown in Jail'

End citation

This is good to read, as when I originally saw a related article, I thought that it was absolutely ridiculous. 

My thinking was that with all the issues in this fallen and problematic present realm and age, for a Pastor to focus on that issue would be foolish, but it appears to be a work of satire, and not written with kind intentions.


A Cornerstone Church official denied Monday a report that claims their senior pastor John Hagee said women who shout God's name during sex should be "thrown in jail" in an interview discussing the 10 Commandments.

The San Antonio, Texas-based church told The Christian Post in a telephone interview that the claim is false and that the church's lawyers are looking into the situation. "The story is a complete fabrication. It's written by a website that makes up these kind of stories in an effort to be humorous. All media outlets that have picked up this story have been contacted by John Hagee Ministries and will issue a retraction or face legal action," said an official statement from Cornerstone Church's legal department shared with CP.

Hagee's remarks about women were originally reported in an interview by