Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Another Sign Of The Times: 'Hammered'

From the fire on the weekend after soccer

I came across this article Tuesday from email. Basically I think the post lacks much. I noted on Facebook that I would comment on it after work if I could.


'Instead of teaching girls how to not get raped ("don't wear this," "don't ever drink," etc.), what if we went to the root of the problem and raised boys to know the ins and outs of consent?*'

It would be a good idea to raise young women to avoid sexual assault, as much as humanly possible.

I would teach, if I had the family and opportunity, my wife, sister, daughter, niece, etc., knowledge of how the male mind works and as well some martial arts techniques and basic weapons defenses.

It would be a good idea to raise young men to respect young women.

I have discussed consent philosophically previously on my blogs and how it is a tricky philosophical concept.

One reason, for example, is that something consensual does not necessarily equate to something moral or ethical.

It does not seem reasonable to expect either underage teenage boys or underage teenage girls to necessarily know the laws of consent in their legal jurisdiction.

Obviously, morally, ethically and philosophically abstaining from questionable sexual activity is what makes sense here.


 'Here’s how you can rule out sleeping with someone:'

'1. She’s hammered.'

I have concerns with making 'she's hammered' the first reason to avoid potentially sleeping with someone and potentially committing rape.

This philosophically, morally and ethically risks playing games and playing word games.

What is hammered? Perhaps someone has had a few drinks but is not necessarily hammered? Is this really a good standard to suggest for young men in attempting to avoid rape?

Perhaps someone has been smoking marijuana? Perhaps one has taken another illegal drug or mind-altering substance?

Instead I would strongly suggest...

Rape is morally and ethically wrong.

A violation against another person, and also to oneself, in a sense.

One should avoid any possibility of this taking place to another as victim or self as violator.

Biblically it is sinful (Deuteronomy 22: 25-27).

Even in the modern Western World where there is great intelligence in certain areas today, but not much knowledge and wisdom with philosophy and theology, I reason young men need to be taught basic sexual morality, ethics and respect for others, including respect in regard to women which would obviously prohibit rape and any kind of sexual assault.

This would be the same for any adults, myself included.

With flirtations from young women at work. I certainly would not in any way either by corporate ethical standards, or of course my Biblical ones even consider sexual activity based on whether or not a woman was 'hammered'.


If someone is anywhere near not fully conscious sexual activity after work in a social context should not even be a consideration. The fact that this even needs to be discussed in today's society with young men is definitely a sign of the times.

Dark moral, ethical and philosophical times.

From a Biblical perspective, sexual activity outside of heterosexual marriage is sinful (Exodus 20, 1 Corinthians 6-7, Matthew 5).

Of course this is my model and position.


'2. She seems unsure if she wants to (you should never have to talk anyone into it).'

Then obviously the answer would be no.

Cited '

3. She’s passed out.'

Do I even need to comment here? I suppose I do, quite sadly.

To love your neighbour as self (Matthew 22, Mark 22) is to respect their sexuality, and that includes when they are passed out.

A man should not be looking when to take advantage of a woman.


'4. It seems like there’s any other reason she might regret it in the morning. (Even if it’s not rape, do you really want to be someone’s morning-after regret, when instead they can remember you as a total gentleman?)'

A total gentleman if romantically interested is interested in true love, marriage, family and a long-term commitment, not just quick sex.

That is true of an adult in an adult setting as well.


'P.S. My he/she conventions here are in no way an attempt to shut out gay men from the conversation -- these are notes to my son (who happens to be heterosexual) and other heterosexual sons. To gay sons out there, just pretend I said he, because this goes for you, too!'

Another sign of the times...

Dr. Laura-Facebook

Friday, September 12, 2014

A Philosophy of Exercise: Six Pack?

Matin Serain, France-trekearth

A good friend of mine has stated that I look a bit like 'The Thing' from the Fantastic Four. Well, looking at my recent photos, is there a supposed resemblance? I am pretty certain he is meaning I look like The Thing based on muscular body shape...

Not because I look like a monster, made of rock. Except maybe to toddler friends.

The Thing: Marvel

Since as long I can remember I have always exercised/worked out regularly; back when I was four when we lived in Port Coquitlam my brother would take us out to play ball hockey.

I played ball hockey for many years and was a better than average scorer. A good but not spectacular player on forward and defence.

Now in order to do something different but similar, I play soccer with a friend and his family. I am not, because of only average pace, particularly good at scoring, although my shot is getting heavier. I am good at defending because 'The Thing' can simply get in the way.

I have never been a particularly fast runner.

I have discovered that I am quite good a playing 'football' goalkeeper, that is at least with ball hockey nets being used on the outdoor grass. That is the nets formerly used for playing ball hockey which are many times smaller in dimension than the tradition soccer/football nets.

I state this humbly, very humbly, but in our small group, I have never played organized soccer/football, but whether I play primarily with the 'younger guys' with the speed, or with the 'older guys' with the muscle whichever teams I play in goal for usually has won the match. And this has been for a two to three year period now. And I give up few goals.

And yes I am playing against Mr. Bobby Buff that has played organized soccer and kicks the ball at me close to full force; getting dangerously close to my head from Mr. Buff and his brother-in-law that last few times. But that is sport.

Philosophically, I am a decent goalkeeper because I studied goaltending mentally watching years of National Hockey League games and to a less extent years of UEFA European football matches.

I put the mental knowledge to use and as well my fairly fast hand and leg reflexes from working at martial arts for decades and martial arts weapons since after the Manchester, England bottle incident/attack in 2000 seem to kick in and assist me as a goalkeeper to stop fast and quick shots often.

Even though I am not a classic by North American standards 'cute six pack', when I see my MD my blood pressure is excellent as are my statistics.

The point here?

At work I see so many of the workout techniques with the workout classes taking place and I can very much see why persons would be very unmotivated to perform such stressful and unnatural acts for a prolonged period.

Such an approach has never interested me whatsoever.

Not to mention to have to associate in a gym that smells of body odor, chemical cleaner and leather combined with no open window ventilation for security reasons.

Almost as bad as working out in a washroom.

I think philosophically and practically that people that are hesitant about exercising or working out should find something that they like to do that will burn sufficient calories, not digesting too many daily calories.

If one likes to dance, dance. Or perform ballet or whatever. To pick up boulders and rearrange them whatever.

I reason a person needs to really enjoy the exercise and workout routine to continue with it for years and years and for it to not become quickly a tedious and boring routine.

Perhaps there is so much pressure in Western society to have a 'near perfect' like body that exercise systems are developed to tone all the muscle groups, but these types of workouts are in my mind often unnatural, tedious and boring.

Perhaps in many cases such systems do not provide a person with a motivation to continue for years and years?

This is why I play soccer.

I walk, while I no longer do this as workout  because I walk approximately fifty miles a week at work.

I workout with martial arts with weapons and dumbbells. There is some light running.

My MD has basically told me that I will not have a six pack body anyway.  I realized this on my own.

In other words I am too muscular, and the facts are quite simply that many if not most people in Western society will not ever have the supposed near perfect body either and so persons should have effective exercise systems that burn significant, sufficient calories that provide continued motivation for years.

Not ones they might be part of a cookie-cutter six pack exercise program.

Even acknowledging while a six pack look might often be more ascetically pleasing, it may not be practical for each person.

Having second thoughts?