Thursday, October 23, 2014

Canada: The New Reality?


Very sad news in regard to the Canadian solider that lost his life Wednesday and the solider that lost his life on Monday.

My condolences.

CNN October 22-23


'Terrorist' murdered soldier 'in cold blood,' Canada's Prime Minister says Cited '

(CNN) -- First a soldier guarding a hallowed war memorial was gunned down in Canada's capital. Then shots erupted in the halls of the country's Parliament minutes later. The two shootings in Ottawa Wednesday left lawmakers barricaded inside offices and parts of the city on lockdown for hours as police searched for suspects.'


'As authorities continued to investigate, details began to emerge about the man they suspect was behind the shooting. Michael Zehaf-Bibeau was identified by Canadian officials to their American counterparts as the suspected gunman, multiple U.S. officials told CNN. Bibeau, who was born in 1982, was a convert to Islam and had a history of drug use before he converted, two sources said. His passport had been confiscated by Canadian authorities when they learned he planned to go fight overseas, a U.S. law enforcement official told CNN's Susan Candiotti. The official said it was not clear when that happened. Canadian broadcaster CBC reported that Bibeau had a record of drug arrests going back 10 years.'


'Cpl. Nathan Cirillo was "murdered in cold blood" as he stood guard at the Canada War Memorial, Harper said, expressing condolences to the slain Canadian soldier's family.' 'The soldier appeared to have been shot in the back, said Peter Henderson, a journalist who was at the memorial at the time of the shooting. Other soldiers who were nearby doing drills at the time ran to help, he said.' 


'Three people brought to The Ottawa Hospital after the shootings have been released, hospital spokeswoman Hazel Harding told CNN. Earlier, they were described as being in stable condition. Shortly after the shooting at the memorial, a gunman entered the nearby building on Parliament Hill, officials said. "I heard rapid fire -- gunshots going very loud -- and I figure maybe 20-plus shots within 10 seconds," Canadian Deputy House Leader Kevin Lamoureux told CNN. He was one level below the gunshots.

Sources: Shooter was convert to Islam Shooting at Ottawa War Memorial Map: Shooting near
Parliament Map: Shooting near Parliament Gunfire first erupted in the building's foyer. Then a second round of shooting happened about a minute later in a hallway or near the entrance to the
Parliament's library, Wingrove told CNN. Several officers had weapons drawn, he said, and most of the dozens of shots that he heard appeared to have been fired by officers at the gunman. When the shooting ended, a person was lying motionless on the ground near the library entrance, Wingrove said.'

CBC October 22-23


Here's what we know: 'Cpl. Nathan Cirillo — a 24-year-old reservist from Hamilton — has died from gunshot wounds. 

The gunman was killed and has been identified as Canadian-born Michael Zehaf-Bibeau.

The downtown Ottawa safety perimeter has been lifted. Prime Minister Stephen Harper says Canada "will never be intimidated."'

CBC October 23-23


Prime Minister Stephen Harper said in an evening address that Canada would not be intimidated by Wednesday's "brutal and violent attack" in Ottawa, in which an armed attacker shot and fatally wounded a Canadian Forces member at the National War Memorial before being shot dead in Parliament's Centre Block.'


Moments after Cirillo was shot at his post by the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, MPs and other witnesses reported 30 to 50 shots fired inside the main Parliament building. It was confirmed later that the gunman was shot dead inside the building, felled by the House of Commons sergeant-at-arms and RCMP, according to MPs' accounts.

CBC News has confirmed the dead shooting suspect is Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, a Canadian born in 1982. CBC News has learned that Zehaf-Bibeau has a criminal record in Quebec dating back 10 years on some drug-related charges. Court documents from that time show that he lived at an address in Montreal.


'In his brief address, Harper offered condolences for Cirillo's family, and for the family of Patrice Vincent, another soldier who was killed in an attack earlier this week. "For the second time this week, there has been a brutal and violent attack on our soil," he said.'

End Citations

I do not have much of the political variety to state.

A sad day for the nation and for the Western world.

But if it turns out that this event or the one in Quebec on Monday is associated with radical Islam or ISIS/IS/ISIL; humbly I did state on my blogs that radical Islamists should not be allowed to reside in Western states and that Islamic, Sharia Law should not be permitted.

Instead there should be one law of the land (lands) in Western societies.

I will add early this morning that in my humble opinion, that if it turns out that radical Islam or IS was particularly involved in the Ottawa terrorist event, it is likely not good news for Islam in North America.

Islam will face more political and social scrutiny.

And yes, as I have written I realize that many Muslims view themselves as moderate although the concepts of jihad and holy war are part of Islamic teaching.

Lewis M. Hopfe admits that one of the most controversial aspects of Islam is 'Jihad' (Holy War). Hopfe (1987: 419). Pagans he writes may have been forced to convert but Jews and Christians and others were free to worship and they chose, Hopfe (1987: 419). It is admitted by Hopfe that there is a Muslim doctrine that one must do battle for God. Hopfe (1987: 419).

S.A. Nigosian states the goal of Jihad is not so much conversion but for Islam to gain 'political control over societies'. Nigosian (1994: 448). This is done in order to rule them under Islam. Nigosian (1994: 448).

HOPFE, LEWIS M. (1991) Religions of the World, New York, Macmillan Publishing Company. 

NIGOSIAN, S.A. (1994) World Faiths, New York, St. Martin’s Press.

Philosophically, I doubt more scrutiny from secular governments and society will also shift to and focus on Christianity.

Most modern forms of Western Christianity would seem to have more in common worldview wise with secular views on democracy and toleration, than they would with radical Islam.

This even with Christianity and Islam sharing some conservative moral views.

Church-State Christianity largely being of distant history...

Therefore, more secular focus on radical Islam may, and I state may, mean there is less secular focus on Christianity as a possible political and social threat in Western society.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Bots and Tats


I am writing in a different part of the complex as my laptop is in computer ER in order to repair the DVD/CD Drive. I am therefore downstairs on a slightly older computer with less resources at hand.

It is also as dark as a dungeon in here (the cover for any technical mistakes).

Recent 'Redmond, Washington' blog pageviews appearing on Stats Counter with further information now explain the frequent Revolver application 'Redmond, Washington' US flag as a MSN bot.

This makes sense, but should be eliminated by web programs, in my opinion as visible and traceable for the sake of those with sites.

Especially those with web businesses, even more so than career bloggers like me, as in my blogs are associated with my academic career.

'Mountain View, California' pageviews are from Google and are sometimes a Google bot and are sometimes connected to Google Web Preview and various ISPs.

Therefore, pageviews from Google may still be from an actual flesh and blood human entity, but with the less than personal nature of these views whether they are from a human source or a bot, is there much practical difference?

If Microsoft and Google want to boost my pageview numbers with bots, that is in their power.

Even so, I have estimated compared to my actually Blogger statistics, Stats Counter, Site Meter, Revolver and Hi Stats still likely only count 25%-40% of my pageviews.

Are the rest bots or human?

Are you perhaps a bot and not aware?

On Revolver there are still US flags that are not necessarily explained and could connect to an ISP and sometimes may. From my reading with many American Internet Service Providers, US States are not listed as accurate but are only estimates.

I can understand how someone running a business online would find it difficult determining market regions, as I have read.

My attempt at a pinched nerve assist. This at Alex Hintz' 16th birthday. Thank you wonderful friends and hosts, the Hintz.

The cat is in the bag. I had an interesting philosophical discussion with Anjela and others in regard to tattoos. The church I am attending is not taking from what I can reason is a fundamentalist position, although host and Menno-Deaaan raised that position as perhaps Biblical. Not my position, but my objections are aesthetic and economic as in, for example, covering one's body from the neck up in tats and making it very difficult to find employment. But, I also raised the view that tattoos generally look better on non-flabby skin and therefore thin-fit people. I myself am fit but not thin, but quite muscular and not buff. Therefore, another reason for me to abstain, besides total and complete non-interest. I do admit some tattoos feature interesting art.