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Einstein Poster
My thoughts are that this statement is generally true and that in many great and excellent endeavors throughout human history the plans and goals of the genius and/or visionary are under attempts to be thwarted by those that do not have that vision and disagree. I suppose for the theological context of this blog one can look at the progression of the Gospel.  The words of the Apostle Peter in Acts 5: 29 seem reasonable here: 'We must obey God rather than men' (New American Standard). The Apostles were to obey Almighty God as opposed to the Jewish religious leaders of the Council, or the Roman Empire. They were to proclaim the message of the resurrected Christ and Lord that they had witnessed.  The Apostle Paul too faced many persecutions such as in Acts 16 being beaten and thrown into prison by authorities. Paul lists some of these sufferings at Second Corinthians 11: 16-33.

Churchill Poster

In 2000 when I lost my early PhD appointment at Manchester because I resigned due to lack of adviser support; my agreed upon adviser was in Germany for a year and the two persons left in the Department were not satisfied with my Reformed views. I was told if I did not stop believing in such a sovereign God in the context of the problem of evil I would not pass, by the main senior temporary adviser. I had also been blocked by the University from joining an affiliated Christian college. This was a type of 'hell' small 'h'. I prayed to the Lord that if I did not receive assistance from the several emails I made that week I would head home to Greater Vancouver. Amazingly, and quite unlikely, an adviser from a college affiliated with the University of Wales actually called me on the phone to assist me. That was such an unlikely occurrence and an answered prayer, but I did keep going. I ended up getting the MPhil thesis with that advisor and the PhD thesis also via Wales and his connections. The PhD from Wales equals one from Manchester equals, one from Oxford, equals one from Cambridge, equals one from London, in general terms. The work and standard is the same.

Every Cloud Poster

I am all for looking for the positive in situations. I also try to learn from failures. But, it also equally important to be realistic. By this I mean to see reality for what it is both positive and negative. Back to theology, the Gospel, it is good news for the those in Christ, there is the atonement, resurrection and everlasting life, but for those not part of God's predestined choice (Ephesians 1, Romans 8), they are unregenerated, fallen, sinful in nature, with limited free wills that reject God, guilty of all sinful thoughts and acts/actions done without force or coercion. This is certainly a black lining, a negative that one should not theologically overlook. Even so, as I stated at my Lampeter, PhD Viva it is not my place to judge whom God may choose for salvation and there is also a place for evangelism as the Apostle Paul stated from the New American Standard at Romans 10: 14:  14 How then will they call on Him in whom they have not believed? How will they believe in Him whom they have not heard? And how will they hear without a preacher? This acknowledges the usual human process in God's work of compatibilism in transforming and regenerating a human being, although salvation remains alone a work of God (Ephesians 2).

Gandhi Poster Eye

Hebrew Bible/Old Testament scholar Victor P. Hamilton states that Eye for an Eye is mandated in Exodus 21: 24-25. It is from the lex talionis and it parallels the Code of Hammurabi.  He reasons that these laws covers assaults of the aristocracy against each other. Hamilton  (1988: 219).  Contrary to what some like to believe this law in principle was not erased in the new covenant/New Testament. Both the Hebrew Bible and New Testament support the concept of equal justice for all. Hamilton (1982: 219). Therefore eye for an eye means the penalty must match the crime. Hamilton (1982: 219). When Jesus states in Mathew 26: 52 'for all those who take up the sword shall perish by the sword' (New American Standard) it is more likely closer theologically with what Gandhi was concerned about. That is mass retaliation and death.

HAMILTON, VICTOR P. (1988) Handbook on the Pentateuch, Grand Rapids, Baker Book House.

Gandhi Poster Live

Since scientifically death is certain, and theologically from a Biblical perspective death and judgment is certain (Hebrews 9: 27), Gandhi was correct one should live today. Jesus basically stated similar in in Matthew 6: 34 that one should not be anxious about tomorrow as each day has it own problems.

Persons with a Biblical worldview should live as one with an everlasting perspective in light of Revelation 21-22 and the restored created order and of course everlasting life.

King Poster

Mr. King was very correct. In times of challenge and controversy does a person stay with the plan and endeavor discussed earlier, or does one fold because of pressures? As I have discussed with Mr. Matt on our Sunday walks there does have to be compromise and some conformity in life to be successful. A Christian in my opinion should not be anti-establishment, anti-church, or radical anti-anything, it is not true to the spirit of Scripture and the Gospel witness. Even being anti-Satan, for example in a radical, in your face fashion is just not true to Scripture. But there is a call for a theological and philosophical non-conformity which can at times lead to appropriate controversial action.

Lombardi Poster

I think the coach is generally correct here, at least in human terms, but as I am not an incompatibilist, but I am a compatibilist and I see human beings as secondary causes of their thoughts and acts/actions, I still conclude that a successful human being at any level must have that caused and willed by the primary cause, that being God. God must will thoughts and acts/actions leading to any human success,

A human being can will success all he or she wants and God can state today you die, and there is no success...(Luke 12: 16-21).

Lennon Poster

That reads like compatibilism, as in agreeing with my theses work...

And the Beatles were 'decent'.

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