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Christmas 2012: New Year's Eve And New Year's Ending


New Year's Ending

Due to the relative popularity, pageview wise of my Christmas and New Year's Eve posts, from now on in December these will mainly be the posts I will produce. I am not a populist post writer, for the most part, obviously, but on other hand, for marketing and ministry purposes I should 'listen' to my followers and readers and I do.

Obviously, I pretty much write what I am led to write, but again I do want to be sensitive to followers and readers. Overall, I am pleased with the progress of the blogs and still plan to continue with them, Blogger allowing, for the rest of my life as ministry and as an outlet for academic Theology, Philosophy of Religion and Biblical Studies.

Although presently working in the family networking marketing business, I am always interested in potential academic teaching possibilities, but I am not interested in putting all my eggs in one economic basket, especially with the mediocre United States economy at this time and the fact that most career work in academia, publishing and media related to my degrees will be in the United States. I will use my Blogger blogs as a media to maintain my PhD skill level and also look at any church relate teaching opportunities.

This blog's pageviews are basically matching the monthly highs from 2008 and 2010 and so there is an increase from 2011. My other blog, thekingpin68/Dr. Russell Norman Murray is likely at an overall month to month high at this point but it is still at about 40% of pageview level of Satire And Theology, even with me intentionally writing more posts on that blog and shorter posts, the Satire blog is simply, even with the same message, easier to read, and more visual and humourous. 

Even so, as far as Technorati rankings, which is primarily concerned with links, the blogs are fairly equal with the Dr. Russell Norman Murray blog perhaps being slightly ahead, when one blog is ahead, more often than not. This may because there are more citations with the posts. As well, my other blog is ahead with followers.

The disappointing issue, and I am trying to comment on the blogs of others, is lack of comments. I try to limit SPAM comments to the most humourous and informative, but they do assist in boosting my comment numbers and making the blogs look professional. I realize that many Blogger bloggers or other bloggers have dropped out or suspended blogging and I have blogged on this issue previous in regard to Facebook, I do realize Facebook and related sites with a type of blogging have their benefits, but if one feels so led I would appreciate some assistance with comments.

Obviously, I accept anonymous comments and if you are already a frequent pageviewer you already show up on Statcounter/Sitemeter and so if I have not figured out who you are by now, anonymous comments probably will not assist me, much.;)

It could be worse, I could be asking for ca$h...

Thank you to readers/pageviewers, followers, links, and commenters for 2012 and for the next years.:)

My brother and I drove back to Sea-Tac International Airport Tuesday and older brother went back to Arizona to join most of the family. Border patrol was not difficult this time with either country. In November when I went to pick him up there was first of all a forty-five minute wait at the border and then I was asked to pull aside by US Customs/Homeland Security for over an hour as they looked through my car and I stood in a long line-up only to be asked the same questions again and again, and then asked to sit down more than once. I do not venture over the border much but when I go to the Excited States of Americana from the Socialist Paradise of Canada by myself I receive some kind of interview about 33% to 50% of the time.

Perhaps it is all that martial arts combined with muscles and the glasses?

Once I even left the baseball bat in the trunk...woops. They did not say anything.

I do receive some pageviews from Canadian and United States security agencies (probably employees) and so I do wonder if when someone reads work about 'New Heaven and New Earth' there could be some misunderstandings.

No revolutionary here.

However, once I am checked out I always come out a saint. After all, I do have a lot of female readers relatively, some Americans read me and toddlers love me, so I cannot be all the bad...

On a serious philosophical note, I realize that since 911, and the creation of the Department of Homeland Security the United States Border Patrol has needed to increase security and I support it. What I would like to see is increased technological advances made at border crosses, ports, train stations, and airports in order not to waste so much time. When I first picked my brother up there was the forty-five minute wait at the border. Efficiency should be increased. This was a morning on a week day in November, not a major holiday. In my mind if one wants security there should be efficiency, there was too much delay in having the security officers check the cars in the first place.

Another example comes to mind when flying to the United States back in 2009 with my disabled Mother and her metal artificial hips and joints. Clearly she is elderly (prematurely due to disability), basically deaf, and struggling and therefore very likely not a threat. A machine/computer should be able to determine that nature of her physical being without her having to take her shoes off, which is a great struggle, holding up tens of other people. As basically deaf she cannot hear the instructions well from authorities not familiar with her and I was asked to step away and could not assist the officer. In any other case with an official, such as Medical Doctor or Bank Manager I would serve as Guardian basically, but with the United States Department of Home Security, which are still basically friendly people at the airport, and their airport employee associates, they required Mom to be taken aside alone.

Again not efficient.

Keep Calm

Rotten E Cards

New Year's Eve

I have a local party to go to, nothing wild...

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