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Philosophical & Theological Reflections On Satirical Images: VI

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As I noted on Facebook on a status update:

'Another reason I am glad I do not drink much. From party 1 in Vancouver to party 2 in Surrey I was stopped at two routine police stops (35 min drive). First one at freeway entrance, second one at freeway exit. When I arrived at party 2 and told my story one guest thinking of driving home started emptying his wine glass. The police seemed more aggressive this year. Happy 2013... '

I have always been a moderate drinker, never been drunk, and never used illegal drugs. Therefore New Year's Eve night I was confident I was stopped that I did not break moral, ethical or legal boundaries that could be particularly costly.

Of course as a sinner there are other struggles.  Humble in Christ.

Nelson's Three-In-One Bible Reference (1982), Nashville, Thomas Nelson Publishers.

The texts lists some Biblical evils of drunkenness, as in being intoxicated on page 198.

Debases: Genesis 9: 21-22
Provokes Anger: Proverbs 20: 1
Poverty: Proverbs 23: 21
Perverts Justice: Isaiah 5:22-23
Confuses the Mind: Isaiah 28: 7
Licentiousness: Romans 13: 13
Disorderliness: Matthew 24: 48-51
Hinders Watchfulness: 1 Thessalonians 5: 6-7

Wine is also noted to be used on page 784 by (I will list two positive examples):

Jesus Christ: John 2: 1-11
Timothy: 1 Timothy 5: 23

The John case was at a wedding/party.

Timothy was for health reasons and was instructed within the text to take a moderate amount.

Philosophically and theologically my view is that Biblically habitual overt drunkenness is sinful with listed negative consequences.

Occasional overt drunkenness would also be sinful and with potential costly negative listed consequences.

Based on lower blood alcohol levels determining levels of possible intoxication, it then becomes more difficult to determine if someone is 'sinfully' or wrongly drunk or intoxicated, and a person needs to take personal responsibility, especially when driving a motor vehicle and involved in anything similar.

However, the final judging of persons is of course left up to God (Revelation 20, 2 Corinthians 5).

I am simply dealing with listed Biblical actions and behaviours.

I do not subscribe to or recommend abstaining unless one understands that drunkenness is a personal problem.

What complicates the issue as far as police road side stops is the use of illegal drugs such as marijuana while driving. This too should be exercised/exorcised from Western society.

Let us face reality, there are just too many dumb potheads on the road...

Where is Mother's Against Potheads?

Texting is of course an issue of safety, and some persons cannot safely handle using a cell phone while driving. It is illegal to use the cell phone while driving here in British Columbia.

Sleeping disorders are also an issue. My sleep apnea is less of an issue than previously and will stay this way because of increased metabolism, but for an example if I am out late on a Saturday night, as I was last night viewing 'The Hobbit' with friends in Langley and then had a meal and had to drive back to Maple Ridge, I felt too tired to get up for 8 am the next morning for a 2-3 hour round trip Vancouver church journey, especially with Winter conditions. I simply do not take chances on the road. It is just part of being a responsible citizen and Christian.

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