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The Non-Conformist Of The Year 2012

Windows-The Mystery of life?

The Winners

Bobby Buff-10x winner
Chucky-3x winner
Documentary Man-2x winner
Jeff Jenkins-2x winner
Zombie-2x winner
Cousin Buff-1x winner
Manson-1x winner
PMH-1x winner
thekingpin68-1x winner
Super Secret Fan Club-1x winner

Yes, the 2012 winner is a first-time winner, and also our first technically non-human winner, but an entity, and conglomeration of human beings into one official and very loose knit group and international pageview maniacs.

First a rundown on the past Champions or Chumpions, depending on your mood, and perhaps how much sleep you have had this week.

Bobby Buff

Let us face it, if he was on Facebook, which he probably never will be as it would be too much of an imposition on his privacy, his 'Non-Conformist Of The Year' 'Statas' has taken a real beating. Speaking of beating, it is largely because of his ICU, I mean ICD, he has had to retire from bodybuilding. Of course the entire bodybuilding world mourned, the Maple Ridge flag was lowered to half-mast/staff. Bobby also received a letter of condolence from then Cali-fornia Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Lou Ferrigno sent a vial of sweat and a can of Crisco in memoriam.

Bobby's father actually considered changing his hairstyle for his son's retirement, but he figured since he had had the same one since 1955 at childhood, there was no point changing now.

Uncle Chucky

He continues to look after the family. Chucky is part of a Mennonite cult that takes 'Till death due us part' to actually be a lost part of the Biblical Scripture, probably from some silver plates in the hills of Mission or Abbotsford somewhere that disappeared and cannot be verified and will never be able to be verified. Anyway, by this unorthodox teaching once the Father dies according to strict teaching and internal verification, you need to stay with your Mother until she dies, before you even consider moving on...

Anyway, he does do good family missionary work, sometimes even in Mission.

Documentary Man

Back to England he goes along with Mrs. Documentary for work and life. Oh, I am sure nothing noteworthy can possibly happen...

By the way, my roles at their 2004 England wedding were best man, usher, master of ceremonies, doorman and a referee.

Jeff Jenkins

Blogger's loss is Facebook's gain. I still think as talented and skilled as Jeff obviously is at graphics and blogging that 'Jenkins' sounds like a limo driver...



Hello Zombie, thank you for staying up to read this blog post. I am deducing that one of the reasons that Mr. Zombie likes to see so many new films in the theatre with his kind girlfriend is because it is dark and if need be if can just...zzz.

Cousin Buff

'Cous Buff' and his wife a Princess from the Philippines visited the homeland and brought back some interesting historical photos. This is conclusive proof that I was wrong in the past and that he is not 9?% like Bobby Buff because Bobby will probably never set foot in Asia. Not because he would not find it interesting but because it would be too difficult to haul all that Crisco over to the Philippines and who knows if there would be a suitable replacement locally available.

Muscles first. A real life second.


I do not see him much, but when I do it is almost always after church in Vancouver walking the street by himself like Bill Bixby walking alone on the side of the road after having turned into the Incredible Hulk the night before.

The clothes would be in similar condition.


I wish he would comment on here and his statements were classic even though some words were bleeped out for our sensitive sometimes 'fundi' audience.

He should consider having his own blog, and then hopefully selfishly I would at least get a blog link out of it...

thekingpin68-Dr. RNM

No interviews with 400+ CVs sent out. Mom and I over the years have both spent too many dollars on internet ventures that have not worked out. No more. So, I will work with Seacret Direct and big brother and family. I have largely overcome the results of sleep apnea through metabolism pills.

So, obviously, I was not up for the reward...

Not much strange goes on. Nothing as Sgt. Schultz stated.

The winner:

Super Secret Fan Club

On I deduce five different occasions over the last three years, four times on this blog, once on my Dr. Russell Norman Murray blog, a post has received over 1, 000 pageviews. By noting repeating ISP numbers and my years of experience with cumulative PhD research, I view this the work of my Super Secret Fan Club. I gather my articles were in ways forwarded/and posted.

Then there are daily pageviews...

I am of course one that appreciates.

A fair amount of the pageviews are from the State of Texas, and I reason that persons involved are perhaps attempting to spare me from forces 'with a shotgunnn' type of scenario.

Of course nothing makes up for personal contacts in life, if that is the intent, but I will take the pageviews.

Well, I do not have any choice, they show up or they do not...

Duffey Lake, BC-trekearth
Oh no!

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