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Satirical Blogging Advice

Sweden, Google Images

Lake Como, Italy (trekearth)

Lake Como, Italy (trekearth)

Lake Como photos from once again on my blogs.

Not yet tiresome, and among the most colourful and varied photos.

As I noted on Dr. Russell Norman Murray that according to Blogger statistics, it is my best month in the history of that blog, since 2004 pageview wise. It should be the same this month with this blog as well, as I should reach the 30, 000 pageview mark with the two blogs combined. Surprisingly, a recent development within the last couple of weeks is that the pageviews between the two blogs are starting to nearly equal out, and this has been after two to three years where this blog has outperformed the other blog.

This blog is still ahead overall for the time being, but next month onward should be interesting.

For me anyway.

You may not care...

This is a blessing for me, and I do thank God. For the last few years the numbers have been up and down, with a gradual increase and hopefully they will stay up, but if they do not, that is life.

Blogging is just part of my life, as noted many times, people offline are more important to me. And building offline friendships.

Recently my Google/Blogger Friend Connect Followers have not been increasing, nor have my Facebook Networked Blog Followers. Therefore, in my case, there has not been a major philosophical and practical connection between gaining or maintaining followers and blog growth.

That is in no way to imply that I prefer that followers stay away in order that my pageviews continue to increase.;)

I am not anti-social, and certainly not that kind of anti-social, but I am just making a point.

Therefore, Satirical Blogging Advice #1

Do not increase your amount of blog followers.

Something seems off there though, I have to admit.

It just seems counter-intuitive.

I am still trying to gain followers. I really like meeting new people online too, but I am dealing with supposed facts here people...

Interestingly, I have read online that one needs to link with fellow bloggers or in this context let us include Blogger blogger's in order to increase pageviews and build a successful blog or blogs.

However, most of, not all, of my fellow links have 'bailed' on blogging for the most part.

No negative judgement on my friends, it is very difficult building a blog or blogs online.

It is difficult:

Gaining pageviews.

Gaining comments.

Making any money associated with a blog, if that would be a goal.

And avoiding that online diary I have mentioned.

Often Facebook and other social networking sites provide a more fun and rewarding social environment.

Somehow, my pageviews have managed to increase even though my blogging and Blogging friends, have primarily bailed.

Not all of them of course, but most of them, as noted.


Therefore, Satirical Blogging Advice #2

Hope and pray your fellow bloggers and Bloggers bail.

Something seems off there though, I have to admit.

It just seems counter-intuitive.

I miss many of my blogging and Blogger friends, but I am just sharing supposed facts.

It also appears that an online fan club is a must, as in persons that will provide one with pageviews.

Thousands of pageviews. These may be persons that dialogue with you or not.

They may have a mysterious crush, while drinking Orange Crush, maybe not.

A sometimes social difficultly with me is that I am male and many and most of the blogger/Bloggers are younger females. Some would assume that some of the social hesitation in social interaction may come from the female side only as in family of the younger women, or boyfriends.

However, to be honest when I discussed my fan club with an out of Province, Aunt and Uncle, my Aunt was concerned for my safety with a potential Fatal Attraction type situation occurring. The Uncle as well.

I assured my basically wise Aunt that it was not that kind of situation, in a Christian context, but to me it does show the changing social dynamics in society.

This is due largely to greater access and a 'smaller' world because of the web/internet.

Many persons have preconceived notions of what such and such a relationship would have to be and therefore that is what it is...

In their minds.

But not necessarily in the truth, and yet Christians are supposed to be of the truth. Jesus states he is the truth in John 14, and we should seek to be like in him also by the guidance of God/The Holy Spirit.

No area of life should be excluded. Easier said or written than done I admit.

Plus this issue is satirically amusing.

Therefore, Satirical Blogging Advice #3

Have a Fan Club.

Chucky suggested that my with all Curriculum Vitaes  I have sent out to potential employers in regard to Religious Studies, Theology and Philosophy, that these potential employers, may be adding to be pageviews.

Therefore, Satirical Blogging Advice #4

Stay unemployed and keep sending out CVs and resumes...

Remember I am working in a relationship marketing business and I homecare full-time.

I am only technically unemployed with my degrees. And I blog...

The reality is that I receive over one hundred SPAM email comments a day, so I deduce my philosophical decision to write more posts/articles is finally working out with increased pageviews.

Therefore, Satirical Blogging Advice #5

Write many quality posts/articles and increase web traffic.

This is very good.

The End

Fatal Attraction: According to my Aunt is it a good thing I practice with weapons?;)

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