Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Soccer Turban Ban?

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I have been working on a potential academic journal article from Chapter One of my Doctorate. I therefore as well as working out as usual, and my usual other work, thought presenting a light posting may be in order if I could find one. I then came across this 'winner', especially the YouTube videos...

From TSN

Quoted header:


My first thought was...what another waste of time conflict over something stupid.


'MONTREAL -- The Canadian Soccer Association has red carded a provincial association over its refusal to let turban-wearing children play, announcing the Quebec organization will be suspended until the ban is overturned. The national organization took a more aggressive stance Monday in the ongoing controversy surrounding the Quebec Soccer Federation's decision to restrict turban-wearing Sikhs from the pitch, saying its earlier efforts had failed to resolve the matter.'

What is the Quebec Soccer Federation afraid that Sikh children cannot head the ball properly?

Whether someone agrees with the turbans or Sikhism or not, turbans are not, from my understanding, going to effect children playing soccer/football and should be a non-issue.

As well, it does become a freedom of religion issue, as in freedom to practice a culturally established religion in everyday life without significant restriction and persecution.


'The national organization said last week it expected the Quebec association to reverse the ban, which has drawn international news coverage and condemnation from several federal politicians.'


'It has said it is concerned about safety and points out that the rules of the world governing body, FIFA, don't specifically allow turbans. Critics of the Quebec decision point out that FIFA's rules don't explicitly ban turbans, either.'


'The CSA reports directly to the FIFA world body and is responsible for granting or revoking the membership of provincial federations. The World Sikh Organization of Canada has expressed its sadness over the decision to suspend the Quebec Soccer Federation, and has again urged the QSF to immediately lift its turban ban.'

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  I laughed... Also made me laugh, rare two in one day...


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