Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Eve Follies

New York-Daily Muse

New Year's Resolutions in Christ: Unofficial

1. Keep improving my career (s) outlook with my PhD and ministry work and EST/BST license.

2. Keep improving offline social circles. New church homes. Uplifting.

3. Keep improving my blogs. I reason from Google/Blogger statistics 2013 has been my best year as far as pageviews.

Overall, and in particular with my other more academic blog.

Thank you.

Statscounter states differently but I know with the use of several programs, as documented in posts and comments, Google/Blogger provides the more accurate numbers.

A little 2014 challenge to those that read and will not comment, email me or social media connect.

I could use the input and support.

Even you single young women with significant  Blogger and Facebook pageviews that are seemingly afraid that I will attempt to marry you online if we even chat or connect at all.

I am not an online minister, so you are safe...

If I was not of high quality, then why are you checking me out?

Ah...ponder on that philosophically.

See all this education has some unexpected benefits.

Then there are the oldies which I am 'sure' are most of those pageviews...

'Gertrude, take your Ben Gay and Prep H, clap the clapper and say goodnight.

I have learned more blogging than I bargained for, have I ever.


A guy did the same thing first day of EST (Enhanced Security Training) course...bloodied his nose.

My thought...'Police Academy'.

Note, I am not stating she is stupid, that is from You Tube.

Cardiff City FC Manager Fired:Guardian


'The battle between Mackay and Tan has been traced by some back to a conflict that arose in early October over player bonuses. Mackay reportedly kicked Tan out of the Cardiff City dressing room, telling him that he was not welcome there even if he was the club owner. Another report surmises it was Mackay laughing at Tan’s suggestion that Cardiff players ought to shoot from the center line more often in order to score more goals that poisoned Tan against the manager. It has also been suggested that the primary conflict rested with a dispute over who was responsible for how much money was spent in the acquisition of new players and the add-ons that might have brought the contracts over the intended budget. Regardless of the actual reason, the decision to fire Malkay Mackay as manager of Cardiff City FC is one in a line of unpopular decisions by Vincent Tan.'


On talksport the other day a couple of commentators were saying the owner looks like a 007 villain, a Canadian commentator stated he looks like Arnold from Happy Days. I think he needs some better PR. 

During the Sunderland @ Cardiff match, a commentator asked if the owner, Mr. Tan had robotic arms underneath the black gloves, like a James Bond villain.

It was stated Mr. Tan showed up at the home stadium for the match, really early, for fear of fans. His own club's fans wanting to do bodily harm.

Vincent Tan-The Telegraph

Vincent Tan-Sky Sports
The fans want the blue home kits back. Tan brought in red. Yes, such a big deal in Wales, believe me. Now blue is the colour of the alternate kit/third colours.-Daily Mail photo.

Moving painting?

Increasing the zoom/size seems to increase the effect on my laptop. Effect is minimal with small size.

Now if your head is already spinning before viewing this you may have partied far too hard...

The Mirror: Croc under bed



'Eight foot crocodile hides under sleeping man's bed for EIGHT hours

Sep 18, 2013

The clever beast spent more than eight hours lying quietly and his presence was only discovered by a maid the next day'

No big deal for Australians, they would keep it around like a guard dog, mate...

The Mirror Da Silva leg break video

National Post

Google Images 

I have thought that bone on bone leg kicks were dangerous... With some light sparring could easily see the potential and attempted to avoid it. Better to use side or front kick to knee I suppose as opposed to roundhouse kick.

Great ad for not being a professional fighter...


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