Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Philosophical & Theological Reflections On Satirical Images: Christmas 2013




The ninth in this decently successful series which has 25, 000+ pageviews, mind you 20, 000+ with the first post.

Series is 1-6 and then Bible and Sport. I will probably continue with it as long as the significant pageviews continue.

It is easier to write than many essay posts, in the sense that I can comment on images, but difficult with finding good concepts and in the past, more so, it could be technically difficult to write with images and text and Blogger html conflicts. To Blogger's credit, there have been some improvements with the interface.

The series tends to be more fun to write than most of my articles (selfish mode).

Scary how many of my images connected to this blog show up on Google Images while searching for new material. I hope I do not copy from myself...

Facebook-An image posted in my News courtesy of The Jeff. I wonder on a possible radical Christian fundamentalist theological take on this imagery. Perhaps 'Satan Clause' in a passed out gluttony represents the over-commercialization of Christmas. As opposed to just a funny and well-done Christmas image. 

Well, I could guess what is in the coffee and it is not lemonade... And who the heck writes this kind of material?!
Facebook-Reminds me of when I had a few of these from Disneyland when I was barely in school. They actually seems to me looked pretty good. A problem was that once the viewer broke, one was stuck with useless slides.
Hotel Suicidal?
Apparently not a follower of the New Testament Great Commandment...
Now admittedly I am still learning cooking skills, but this even raises red flags with me...
But adults are fair game? Is this from the Manson family?
I agree, sour milk and moldy bread will give one those thoughts...
Albert Mohler.com-The site discusses how legal same-sex marriage could lead to judicial battles for legalized polygamy. I think a reasonable philosophical point, although presently polygamy does not have the political power that the homosexual lobby does. In light of Scripture such as Genesis 1-3 (Adam and Eve), Deuteronomy 17: 17 (King), 1 Timothy 3, Titus 1 (Overseer) the Biblical mandate is one wife, one husband or singleness (1 Corinthians 7). However, I had a quite conservative Missions professor at Trinity Western University opine that strictly speaking polygamy is not sinful. He stated that in Africa and India, India his main experience, many Christian men had multiple wives. He did not think it right for  these men to divorce the second wife on, especially in light of the families. I see the point that divorce is a greater evil than polygamy. I also see the cultural context of the faith and the need to adapt. But in my situation, for example, the Biblical commandments would apply to me. It could be stated I am neither a King or a Overseer, but I would be obligated to follow the Biblical standards of Genesis and 1 Corinthians 7 which would be one wife. Satirically, and ONLY satirically, do not get any strange twisted ideas  and accusations here; does this give me a potential legal out and Biblical out if I wish to marry one young lady from North America and one from Europe, for example? I mean there is a shortage of  good Christian men with PhDs out there and more educated women than men according to some studies.;) I was going to do the post  just on this topic. Probably a good idea I changed my mind...

Reddit.com-What is this, a Darwinian Evolutionary Christmas?

Christmas tip?

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