Sunday, December 22, 2013

Philosophical & Theological Reflections On Satirical Images: Christmas 2013 Continued

The tenth post in this series and I had no intention of posting on this topic this evening. However, I went to Dean and Anjela's church today, 'The Village' in Surrey, that like Northview in Abbotsford that I also have been attending, is in our Bible belt.

Bible belt by our standards, not American standards. Both churches are mega churches, the Surrey church with over 2500 attenders and the Abbotsford one 2000-3000 I estimate from what I have read. Both must be largely fueled by Trinity Western students from my deduction, reasoning and observation skills.

Now after a nap I need to add more content.

I have standards...

Dean and Anjela invited me over to meet their new cat, of all things. Chucky had to decline to rush home....This is what Anjela handed me and I thought, well Merry Christmas to you too 'little sister'. I know her and daughter Sophia see me as a big dumb dog, but Christmas dog food?  I left it for their pug on Christmas Day.:) 
Red and green-Earth The Incredible Planet, Google+
Red and green-Earth The Incredible Planet, Google+
Maple Ridge-Walking home late at night in -3C.
From email-Something my old dog Rebel would have done...infamous for his 'take offs'.
From email--Could Chuck Norris and Chucky inhabit the same  near space in Maple Ridge without risk of cosmic collision and calamity? Even made worse if Bobby Buff ran into Mr. T at the same time.
From email-Not far from what I had to go through this morning in Surrey in an attempt to find parking. No spots left and like others I had to park over yellow lines. But a full church...
Facebook-Typical. A comment from a Facebook friend in regard to the dog food..'njoy Russ:)'
Facebook-I agree with the above statements, but would not use much of his style.

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