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World Cup Follies/Race



A fellow Christian Corporate Security Officer originally from Uganda, working with me, recently in regard to the Vancouver area stated semi- seriously: 'So what is it like to see white people disappear? '

Me: 'Not really concerned, there will be more brown people'....

Interestingly, he is not white, but black African, but he has issues with the Vancouver area becoming predominantly non-ethnically white.

As I explained from a blog article in 2013, I am subscribed to the 'Reasons To Believe' Newsletter. A publication and ministry dedicated to assisting those interested in faith and science.

Fazale Rana writes an interesting article: 'Where Did The Races Come From?'

He states that the Bible doesn't explain how racial diversity arose, although it is implied that humanity was scattered after the Tower of Babel in Genesis 11: 1-9. 11. September/October (2013:1)

The newsletter notes that the Biblical account may not seem to square with the commonly held scientific concept by anthropologists of 'regional differences' explaining human racial diversity. September/October (2013:1).

It is explained that the many more years of the evolutionary model (as in Darwinian Evolution) assumed human regional differences occurred approximately two million years ago. September/October (2013:1).

A model of 'multiregionalism' being assumed, the idea that a primitive type of human being migrated from Africa into Eurasia and then independently evolved. September/October (2013:1). The regional differences assumed to occur because persons on different continents had 'separate evolutionary trajectories' which would require a vast amount of time to take place. September/October (2013:1). However, recent 'genetic variability studies' have demonstrated that multiregionalism is incorrect. September/October (2013:1). Instead data indicates humanity likely originated earlier as in approximately 100, 000 years ago and dispersed 50, 000 years ago.

Therefore tens of thousands of years as opposed to millions. September/October (2013:1). The newsletter explains that within a microevolutionary (not macroevolutionary model) migrating humanity can be explained through 'natural selection', 'sexual selection', and 'genetic drift'. September/October (2013:1).

Very interestingly with the data it indicates that original humanity likely appeared very much in appearance like African people groups today. September/October (2013:1). The idea being that as human beings moved to northern latitudes this caused 'lightening of the skin pigmentation' and this allowed for increased and productive Vitamin D synthesis which would require exposure to UV radiation from the sun. September/October (2013:1). Changes in body type, from the original African type, would assist with heat retention in colder Northern climates. A change from a broader to narrower nose would assist in moving warm air before reaching the lungs. September/October (2013:1). The view based on the data is that the regional differences can occur quite rapidly. September/October (2013:1).

By this I reason in comparison to a Darwinian Evolutionary model. Academically there is crossover when dealing with Biblical concepts of origins and scientific date and theory. In light of racism, I find it fascinating that perhaps based on data mentioned, and I have read and heard similar, that original humanity may have been darker skinned as in African types and therefore Caucasians would have evolved, via microevolution from Africans.

Reasons To Believe Newsletter, September/October 2013, Glendora, California.

Scientifically, based on evidence, humanity may have very well come from a common source. And of course Biblically humanity has arrived from a common source, male and female in the image of God, Genesis 1: 26-27.

I reason if persons, regardless of ethnic background develop in similar cultures and background they will typically develop (evolve in a micro sense) in a similar way.

I reason ethnic background is likely less of a factor than cultural and related issues in how persons develop.

This is in no way works against Reformed and Biblical concepts within compatibilism of corrupt human nature due to the fall. This nature is still inherited biologically and will be demonstrated in any culture and society. The work of the Holy Spirit through regeneration in a person is the counter to this nature and results.

Therefore skin colour is not a concern for me.


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