Monday, February 11, 2019

Renovations: Finale

The loft, technically the second living area now, but still my office. My small bedroom attached as is a sunroom, the only room that was not renovated, but still cleaned-out and cleaned-up.
Much more room, minus my academic library.
Again, my new academic library in the storage room.
Technically, the main living area, formerly the domain of the Boss.
Still the same, but the carpet is in front of the gas fireplace now.
The guest room with options...

Now, the condominium just needs some paint and patch. If you can do it well, without spilling, I might hire you.


  1. Thanks for sharing Dr. Russ, job well done!

  2. Furniture a bit too old style for the youthful owner

    1. So, I kept some of my parents furniture and supplemented it with some new stuff I bought. I spent 8 grand, overall.

      True enough, I am youthful. And by they way, sorry for not posting comments. I did not realize that Blogger was holding these for authorization.

      I wanted to honour my folks, and the same time save some money. Honest answer.

    2. When/if a younger wife moves in...I expect changes.;)

  3. The photo of two cars parked above "our story" seems like parked on a driveway of a house not a condominium


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